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Design Execution to Confirmation
Must be 1:1 Ratio if you Can!

How efficient do you do your first design conceptualization to present to your clients? And how long it takes before you get to a confirmation stage?

Avoid a lot of guess work as much as possible. Efficiency can be learned and it will save you lots of time on effort and money. As we become seasoned professionals in creative industry
( applicable also to most industry ) our ratio of execution from the first stage to the finalized phase should improve too. Everyday exposure to what you do in your job should make you a confident experts that must be seen and feel by others each time you deal with them.

I don't want to lift my own chair of saying my RATIO has imporved a lot in years — for it has to be! :) . ( I must say humbly that nowadays, I work on a 1:2 ratio. ). First design should always near to what my clients clear expectations. And the second round would be the final — confirmed. I am someone who doesn't want to play with so many guess works and trial & error. Trial and error may work on a different requirements and field like — doing experiments on a science and discovery. In order for you to deliver efficiency with your work you must think STRATEGIES and do STRATEGIZE well.

For web design and development business/ industry ( lets also include branding and other creative work ), the very effective strategy I can share with you all is theeffective APPROACH to the client to get their exact clear ideas, preferences and direction. If I get to know the clear picture of expectations, I would do RESEARCH then and based on own judgement, AGAIN as I have always said, I must be the best critique and consultant to what I do, and this is on web design and development, brandinbg, logos, print, sales letter, internet marketing strategies and few more onthe list. What ever design element I put on the stage from a totally blank canvass, I make sure this shows my clients expectations we initially talked and agreed to be on the output. Doing these necessary strategies would definitely make the job easier. The whole world know how much creative juice you have with you, but you don't need to give all thess creative juice to all and every single clients. Because if you do, it will only create confusion and conceptualization phase on your side as a designer or executor would be TEDIOUS ! for so many requirements to narrow down into actually a simple ones. I have proven this in many years of working with the countless clients.

The tip on a client meeting — know what they want and and the clear direction. Get some clear references from others execution. ( whereas doing together with the client on the table meeting is BEST ). Be a good consultant on your expertise ON THE SPOT to gain confidence — by honest and justifiable scrutiny on functions and elements , explain why NO's, why YES, its advantages, disadvantages, and the most important thing is it's EFFECTIVITY. On the other hand, if the client dont know his direction ( in some cases ), have an authority to advise and best consultant.

Whan all are set after a good productive meeting, you are now ready to execute it all in a efficient way. FORGET WASTEFUL GUESS WORK AND TEDIOUS DISPLAY OF YOUR CREATIVE JUICES. Aim for improved ratio. — 1:1 or 1:2 is best to practice.

Your efficient caliber professional in flexible creativity.

- German Oliver Hain ( aka Hans McKonaughey )
Singapore Top Designer

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