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Learn Organic and Inorganic SEO!

Climbing on top of search engines' result for your web pages — GOOGLE as an example may be challenging yet fun. There are two ways to be listed there : ORGANIC and/ or INORGANIC way.

INORGANIC ways are faster — these are when your result is/ are due to paid advertisements and campaigns. It could be from static and dynamic banners and videos scattered all over the internet, and the effect to the search engines for public surfers are immediate. Most companies or people that has a budget do these way. They try to use the power of money. :) The other one is ORGANIC way, also called the natural way. For a newly set up website, the organic way may take few months to be blatanty seen on the listings of search engines' result. The natural way let the " regular in schedule" of the search engines to crawl or pass by web pages and have them registered onto their "database". Another applicable way to help your search engines' result are the number of links your website is connected to. In organic way, webmasters try to manually connect to different websites and have their links exchanged. The more links pointed to you helps. And the higher PR or popularity rate you are linked to— extremely abet as well for they will be distributing some of its PR attributes to your website. One more tip I learned in doing the manual exchange of links, you may consider to check first their PR level. You can visit some websites that checks the popularity rate. With this, exchanging of links could be efficient. You may have linked to 500 plus websites (pointed to you ) — that's good, but the those with lesser number of links but HGHER PR level may get higher positioning on the search engines result. In other words its about QUALITY linkage! THINK QUALITY LINKAGE!

Never forget also the importance of quality and original contents in your websites. You may try to put in many valuable articles/ information for the public/ surfers related to your bussiness or industry. Do your best to provide tons of quality information that people would love to learn from , share to and benefit from. This is what we called QUALITY CONTENTS to your effective websites.

If I have money I will definitelydo BOTH strategies . But just to give some useful information to make your organic SEO work— faster. Try to optimize your site by putting efficient and acceptable strategies on keywords, decsriptions, contents and value. Try to avoid the so called BLACK HAT. These black hat are NON NO to the search engines. These are considered CHEATING. To give you one clear example of black hat way is, when you are trying to hide the keywords/ contents to the interface by using the same color for the texts and background ( white on white ). With that you will be able to hide it. BUT smart search engines can still find it— they are smarter technology.

I am pro-ORGANIC way and I find it fun to see my result improving in my control. It is a fallacy to supposed that ORGANIC way is difficult and no effect. Learn to execute things in SEO efficiently— the FREE ways ( or cheap ) that work.


Your efficient caliber professional in flexible creativity.

- German Oliver Hain ( aka Hans McKonaughey )
Singapore Top Designer

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