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Spell Website COPYWRITING Correctly!

Without copywriting, you can have no sales on your website because sales are the result of the words that you use.

Most business website owners still don't know the proper way of doing copywriting with their pages online. It shouldn't be just anyhow general descriptions about yourself / products or services you offer. Every single word of the content MATTERS and should be powerful enough to deliver and get its main purpose— which is to evoke emotion.

Your copywriting is your another salesperson that works 24 hours a day in your website. It may and may not convert into sales. It should always create a great or rather strong desire to buy or get your services no matter what the cost is. Try to improve your copywriting with the use of selected correct wordings, phrases, with clarity of intention and with the more consideration of EQ approach. In doing so, I suggest it doesn't need to be very technical approach or structured — firstly because to get the effective psychological impact on your visitors and possible clients, it shouldn't be too technical but rather it should be quite personal instead.

Effective copywriting requires EQ talent — and unfortunately not everybody is good at it. One more thing, do not put to many contents that will bore your visitors like the irrelevant contents. Best if it would be precise, concise and direct. Not so many visitors online would enjoy reading long novels of your content. Another stratgey there— based on my experience with working on different products and services — best if you have so many teasing content that would prompt them to CALL TO DO ACTION for more details and information. When these visitors exerted an effort to call for action, the chances of getting a conversion would be even higher — due to the interest that triggered from your copywriting quality on the website.

Get sometime to analyze what kind of quality copywriting you presently have. Do your best to put some personal touch of delivering your wordings and phrases. Words looks so plain yet are so POWERFUL to change your business result from your website. Copywriting is FUN to do, so do bring your content to copwriting clinic and examine its effectivity.

Your efficient caliber professional in flexible creativity.

- German Oliver Hain ( aka Hans McKonaughey )
Singapore Top Designer

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