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Unusual Designer Articles

( it's a Supermens' World )

With today's competent creative industry, how could a company or other people measure your real value as DESIGNER ?

Few senior creative designers in an advertising company told me me that in order for you to have a MORE VALUE to your company you are working with, you must show how good you are with your specialization. Well, in my personal thought about it — I don't fully believed them. I think with today's very competent world for creative people/ designers per se, you should not ONLY know one particular task or job. We are in the world of SUPERMEN. One's creative flexiblity is becomming MORE VALUABLE and blatant edge and advantage. So keep on making yourself UP TO DATE to valuable technologies with the current requirements that this not easy world DICTATES!

I am ever impressed with my few friends who are really SUPERMEN. They may be not be the VERY BEST and GREATEST in one field that they do, but they can deliver great things too and with competence. These supermen can always save most situations. I have few friends that know almost anyting in design : print design, web design, art direction, doing FA, creative copywriting, creative video editing, interior designing and a lot more ( that i can name of ). They always inspires me and they are my criteria or basis of a great and much valuable designers of today. It is not being selfish to know and be good on these requirements.

There was this funny question — that i consider a joke asked by one interviewer regarding my flexibility as professional creative person. The question goes like this " Don't you feel you are selfish to know all these things, you will be causing other people to loose their job!" Of couse I never took it seriously and also replied in a joke manner, " Do you wan't me to blame God of making me this flexible ? " :) It was a true funny story, that honeslty made my self somehow proud of what i know and keep on doing to myself as flexible professional in design world.

Some designers that just perfecting their specific job may grow in their competence BUT not in the real MORE competent world. Sooner or later, they will be considered SO -SO profesionals that cannot be "heros" to the companies and to themselves. I advise to all my creative designer friends, get rid of the FALLACY — of valuable designer in your perfected specialization. Wake up, if you don't learn other necessary competent skills and knowledge... you might be left behind sooner or later , SPECIALLY if you are working on other company.


Your efficient caliber professional in flexible creativity.

- German Oliver Hain ( aka Hans McKonaughey )
Singapore Top Designer

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