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Video Marketing on websites approach— WORKS BEST!

Have you ever thought of using the latest and most effective approach to sell products or services online ? I am talking about Video Marketing!

Video marketing is the most convicing approach nowadays to reach and close sales or make good conversions on remote possible clients and customers. I observed this kind of media/ approach into much advanced online businesses in the US and Europe. These strategies are commonly used by almost all good and knowledgeable internet marketers. It is their fast and efficient way to convince clearly all visitors through their websites. Video marketing is usually used for a clearer product demonstration, small tutorials or just any sales video.

I personally think this is great to do, because on the psychological impact that we are using our hearing sense. I believe more that with hearing someone talking in our convenient seat is more encouraging and enjoyable to do than reading our stuffs/ contents. Doing this is very easy, again we don't need a very complicated and advance equipment. Taking and doing a video is FUN. The most commonly used ways by the internet marketers are : CAMTASIA, digital camera or even just handphones. Camtasia is a software you install into your machines to record the screen of your computers. It records all the activities you do. This is perfect to record a video of product demonstration and tutorials. Upon using this camtasia software, you will be able to record both the screen activities and your VOICE. ( interactive isn't? )

You can make your videos as creative as you want. You can include some cool, helpful music background ( which I suggest to be just subtle and not annoyingly distructing ) :) By putting some attention grabbing elements, characters and captions will help a lot too. There are few good video sites where you can share and upload your materials. Some of the famous good video sites where you can upload yous are : YOUTUBE, MetaCafe, Yahoo Videos, Google Videos, Veoh, Break, Vimeo and few more.

Based on my experience of using this approach, it improves conversions ( greatly!) . And if you are the wesbite owner showing your face on the video as the actual person sharing company services, it will add more confidence and convincing power on the side of your website visitors as your possible closed sale clients. When I visit a website and sneaking which one to choose, i always tend to go with the services/ products that can deliver to me infomations with clarity, those that explains stuffs in video presentation. One simple way to create your videos if you don't have the skills yet are using the simplest sofware on earth from Microsoft— Windows Movie Maker. You can have some slideshow of products and services, but the only thing that you will encounter in using this windows movie maker is — it is LIMITED to the flexibility of your ideas to execute. (but still a good try and may work well too! ). Do you best to be creative with your video marketing materials — the sky is the limit principle can be applied.:)


Your efficient caliber professional in flexible creativity.

- German Oliver Hain ( aka Hans McKonaughey )
Singapore Top Designer

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