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"Virtual Sales Person" That Works 24/7

Have you ever thought of putting a VIDEO — a virtual presentor/ staff or shall I call it online salesperson that could work 24/7 for you ?

I personally feel and see that this website innovation is becoming popular and really effective to get conversions. If you are selling a product online or any services, this would be a great idea for your business to do well. You imagine, if you have that cool staff online... you don't always need to do a routinary- traditional way of presenting the ideas/ product knowledge to you possible clients. Since your business is on the internet and it reaches more people from different time zones and places in the world on a single time, this could be the BEST way to save time and get deliver your information on products and services.

Unlike the traditional style from physical sales person to present you services and products with any client encounters, this 24/7 worker never get tired, the level of energy is always the same. I don't see this much of website features in Asian market( in Singapore for example ) on their websites. I have seen this in many much advanced countries like US and in Europe. ( and it is getting a prevalent MUST HAVES for their businesses/ websites effectivity.

This is simple and easyto do. You just need a good salesscript and decent looking- confident person to the the recording. The video recording shouldn't be very long one to bore some possible surfers and clients. This kind of media will surely catch attention among the website visitors, specially if programmed auto play.:) If possible try to make the video on the homepage as short as 3 minutes introduction. It should be placed on the landing pages/ homepage as this is the main doorway of all websites. It is now then up to you to put some more details or another sevices/ product video on the inside pages. But usually to have a one great material/ media of that VIRTUAL SALESPERSON is enough! People tend to enjoy getting information in a relax interactive clearer way, hence if you do your video effectively — it will surely help your business conversion. ( provided you are offering a valuable and worthy to invest products and services ).

If you haven't thought of this media into your website, you may consider to do it now. There is no harm of trying different approach in the business. Personally I think , this website strategy will work GREAT for any services and product websites. TIME IS MONEY ! And for some serious people who may not afford to always wait on some delays for just a meeting ( on products and services presentation ) this is the most ADVISABLE and EFFICIENT.

Your efficient caliber professional in flexible creativity.

- German Oliver Hain ( aka Hans McKonaughey )
Singapore Top Designer

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