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KNOW HOWS : Technical Ways to Track Your
Business/ Website Performance

With the current technology, anyone now could efficiently track the performance of your business' website. You just need some codes to put into your websites and know some sites to check its performance.

Use Google Analytics ( FREE ) to see the performance of your website on TRAFFIC flow for a certain period of time : everyday, every week, monthly or whatever period you wish to know. And you can even see the number of REAL TIME visitors coming in and out from your website. You can check the very good details such as where that traffic/ visitor came from. This is very helpful way to track if your campaigns or advertisements are performing well. Indeed a great help to get some clear technical indications that would help us to decide what to plan on our next steps and strategies. I t is fun to see these amazing technology. You imagine if you are operating an online shop, even you are just in front of your lappy/machines and not going out, you will be able to see the people coming in and out in real time — the same thing when you are observing them in real/physical shop.

Another tool ( platform ) that you can use if your business website is performing well is by checking its PR or popularity rate from PR checker websites. If you are doing the SEO, this is a fun and clear way to see result on your effort. It would then be a fun/ challenge on how are you going to make the PR level improve in time from level 1 - level 10. :) Popularity Rate determines your appearance- impression / result into search engines. It is like saying how popular your web pages are from google and other search engines to display result on ranks when somebody looked for a certain keyword or topic.

As a webmaster, I also enjoy seeing the rsult of my effort in improving my websites performance and rank on ALEXA. This platform/ tool will help you see your website ranking all over the internet in the world and industry. You will feel good if you see your own business website is climbing up to a better rank each time you checked it after putting some effort and investing some time.

I am not an SEO expert yet , but I am just sharing what I have learned and what I know. A week ago when I checked my rank on world ranking of my wesbite... it was in a very far list or rather almost on the tail (pathetic ) . But when I did some proper website optimization on keywords, descriptions, links, and more importanly on the CONTENTS, I was surprised to see I jumped off so fast with few million level in just a week. From 12 million something figure place to 6 million position on ranking. These motivates me to continue my way and process in the what I know in optimizing my website.

Your efficient caliber professional in flexible creativity.

- German Oliver Hain ( aka Hans McKonaughey )
Singapore Top Designer

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