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Website Design & User- Friendliness Still a
Challenge to Many Designers

With the millions of websites on the internet today —for commercial or personal purposes, I find most of them are POORLY reckoned with HFD ( or Human Factors Design ).

Many designers still hasn't learned the proper indoctrination of what a good website design is!
As a professional with proper design background in the industry ( Industrial Design), I have learned the consideration of Human Factors Design. When I personally design a website to my clients, I always put myself in a higher lever of professional critics.

If I put this particular element, this particular shape, size, color andso forth... I would always think and question myself too — will this be the best way to execute it and to deliver its great effectivity and purpose ? The complexity of design and execution never amazes me. Too many dynamics on the website are simply PATHETIC. And as a good designer ( website interface designer to be in particular ).. we should design a website in our full authority of expertise. Never just nod everytime to what are told bythe clients to do. You must be a consultant to share your thoughts why this should be so and why shouldn't be so.

It is always best to make the website design direct, clean, simple and user friendly. The website interface should not have many unnecessary elements that will affect the focus . Too many elements in one glance are NO NO. Avoid too many clashing impression on scattrered focus.

I suggest to many amateur designers out there to make the feeling of website design so "light" that would not give any feeling of dizziness on your contents and on navigation. The best rule and principle I always follow is : LESS IS MORE. Another thing is learn the PSYCHOLOGY of DESIGN. With LESS is MORE principle, its would be a guarantee that we could always impress website surfers. Effective display of elements on a clean and uncluttered canvass/ stage will make the subject standout and get its deserve focus to effectively deliver its main aim. Psychology of Design on the other hand, makes you get the pscychological effects and attributes among the audience.

Again, just knowledge on color theory and proficiency on website developing softwares wil not make us a good designer. There are more to learn and consider than just front visuals - and these are intangible factors that greatly help not only on the aesthetic aspects but more importantly on its effectivity and performance.

Your efficient caliber professional in flexible creativity.

- German Oliver Hain ( aka Hans McKonaughey )
Singapore Top Designer

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