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Unusual Designer Articles

How to deliver branding/ logo
designs efficiently?

Designing a logo/ brand is easy yet challenging to execute fast to make my clients happy. But with my experience and approach to do so — makes it even easier....


Design Client Meeting = My Show
(and it is easy)

Have you ever realized how you perform when you meet clients to close a possible
good deal?...


Singapore Web Design Business — Saturated?

Web design busines in Singapore is still healthy and kicking. Many companies are born almost everyday and with the trend...

Flash Websites : Not Advisable!

Future entrepreneurs that will set up company websites NEVER ASK FOR FLASH WEBSITES. Visually amazing website interface and interactions may not help your business.


Smart GOOGLE: Original and Copied Contents are detected and matters

Google and other search engines giants are very smart to determine the " cheating" of some people working to optimize their web pages.


Original Design or Inspired Design

It's a pretty normal attitude for most designers or shall i say web designers to have a pride of saying to other people their so called — original concepts/ designs.

NO NO to Web Design Templates

In Singapore Web Design industry, most companies offer these kind of concept to make it fast and just anyhow finish the website. The effctively and execution are oftenly lackingly considered — poor.


Dealing your Talent Price with Clients

How much do you sell your prfessional talent on every singale project you do with your clients? Do they TAG your price or you set it for yourself?


Learn Organic and Inorganic SEO!

Climbing on top of search engines result for your web pages — GOOGLE as an example may be challenging yet fun. There are two ways to be listed there : ORGANIC and/ or INORGANIC way.

Technical Ways to Track Your
Business/ Website Performance

With the current technology, anyone now could efficiently track the performance of your business' website. You just need some codes to put into your websites and know some sites to check its performance.


Website Design & User- Friendliness Still a Challenge to Many Designers

Millions of websites on the internet today —for commercial or personal purposes are POORLY reckoned with HFD ( or Human Factors Design ).



"Virtual Sales Person" That Works 24/7

Have you ever thought of putting a VIDEO — a virtual presentor/ staff or shall I call it online salesperson that could work 24/7 for you ?

Design Execution to Confirmation
Must be 1:1 Ratio if you Can!

Whan all are set after a good productive meeting, ou are now ready to execute it all in a efficient way. FORGET WASTEFUL GUESS WORK AND TEDIOUS DISPLAY OF YOUR CREATIVE JUICES. Aim for improved ratio. — 1:1 or 1:2 is best to practice.



Much Valuable Designer Talents of Today — Supermen?

I advise to all my creative designer friends, get rid of the FALLACY — of valuable designer in your perfected specialization. Wake up, if you don't learn other necessary competent skills and knowledge... you might be left behind sooner or later , SPECIALLY if you are working on other company.


Learn Effective Website Copywriting that Converts.

Most business website owners still don't know the proper way of doing copywriting with their pages online. It shouldn't be just anyhow general descriptions about yourself / products or services you offer. Every single word of the content MATTERS and should be powerful enough to deliver and get its main purpose— which is to evoke emotion.

Video Marketing on websites approach — WORKS BEST!

These strategies are commonly used by almost all good and knowledgeable internet marketers. It is their fast and efficient way to convince clearly all visitors through their websites. Video marketing is usually used for a clearer product demonstration, small tutorials or just any sales video.




Your efficient caliber professional in flexible creativity.

- German Oliver Hain ( aka Hans McKonaughey )
Singapore Top Designer

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