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Flash Web Design — Not Advisable to Clients' Business!

Flash websites are indeed amazing for most people. The interaction that they find to them always impresses them— BUT did you know that flash websites are not so good to search engines? Flash based web design are one flattened movie that search engines like GOOGLE, YAHOO, MSN/ Bing ) and few more are not search engine friendly. Website owners of any business should consider the most important thing in setting this up. In order for one good website to be searchable with these search engines, they must find and read all your decipherable contents and codes . HTML based based are BEST — for the contents can be scanned by their system. Remember that all the contents that can be COPY and PASTE are very healthy for your website. I like to call them GOOGLE FOOD.

The more quality text and contents you put in to your website pages the better — if not BEST. Search engines like our uncle GOOGLE scan web pages on the internet few times a month ( two times if I am not mistaken ) So whatever you put it there, it will register to its " database" your information — contents. This is why when sometimes we are looking for a particular content or topic, it is very easy for the search engines to give us result.

If your webiste is a flash site, no matter how much quality content of texts you put in there, it will be as bad useless :) . For I have said earlier they are not readable. The bottom line here is " what is the use of your very amazingly complex design of website in flash if it doesn't deliver its main purpose — which is to reach more people through search engines?" We do website to reach more people, and since it up on the internet, we are targeting a broader demography — bigger size of market/ audience. A simple website design with quality contents and not in flash or shall I say HTML based are far more effective and BEST.

Here in Singapore, Unusualdesigner company is a pro- HTML style of website design. Your website's effectivity is our main goal to deliver. HTML websites are very easy to maintain as well. Changing and updating contents would be very convenient— if you now HTML editor like Dreamweaver or your website is in a good CMS platform, you can do these amendments / updates in a breeze. No need for you to go back to the one who did the flash file. Flash websites can also be updated but you would need to have a flash knowledge as well and its "complicated" working files. We at the company, we do specially tailor fit the HTML based website to our clients and to what is just they need. So never desire for a flash based websites with your business. They are purely good only with just presentations. Adding dynamics to your web pages are fine, but i suggest to just limit it to the banners ( flash banners IF YOU NEED TO — where adding up some dynamics to the interface gives life and drive attention/ interests.

So everyone — future entrepreneurs that will set up company websites NEVER ASK FOR A
FLASH WEBSITES. Visually amazing website interface and interactions may not help your business.


Your efficient caliber professional in flexible creativity.

- German Oliver Hain ( aka Hans McKonaughey )
Singapore Top Designer

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