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How to deliver branding/ logo designs efficiently?

Designing a logo/ brand is easy yet challenging to execute fast to make my clients happy. But with my experience and approach to do so — makes it even easier. The very first time I will be seeing my client, I would get first their general ideas and unpolished/not yet finalized thoughts. I would always tell them it should perfectly fit to their idea of image or projection. Knowing these initially even before I start my conceptualization stage... it would be much efficient. I wouldn't be wasting my time of playing on ideas and concepts with no clear guide and direction with so much guesswork. Doing some research also on the internet for the trend and other ideas will definitely help. There is no wrong of looking at other people/ company styles. It is not that I will copy their IDEAS but I will make it on my own style and even better to perfectly fit into my client expectaions. Of course when meeting up with my clients I must have project an authority and act as consultant to them in my expertise. When I said authority, it means I am the one who will tell them what is right and wrong, will it be helpful or not and give them the honest scutiny. Placing my self on their shoes to know what they want and need ALWAYS make it easier to get happy clients.

After the confirmation of my project to the client. I will fastly start the ideas on my mind while in my momentum. :) Initially I will be creating few concepts — around 4 - 6 logo design/ideas and send them. These are all based on the meeting prior to this stage of execution. Surely with the 4 - 6 logo design ideas, the client will see clearly and tangibly their thoughts and direction. On this stage, client can right away made his/ her decision. It will give them the opportunity and time to think and give new sets of ideas. For example upon seeing the first drafts, they may have thought of combining the concept 1 to concept 3 or concept 1 and 2 or what ever combination. I show my clients more possibilities and options. In the end they will be the happy clients to pay and use it for their business.

The second round now of concepts after his/ her first feedback will definitely make it to final conclusion of their pick. Usually I only get 2 rounds of email exchange or presentation of logo design concepts. The possibility to confirm a final logo design is just few minutes away after seeing my second drafts. This is how I work. Get the initial thoughts/ ideas of my clients so when I first execute and show them.. it would be almost near to what are their expectations.

SO THERE WOULD BE NO WASTE OF TIME. :) In 3 - 4 days time this kind of project would be finished. The high-resolution soft copy file in PDF and JPEG format will be forwarded to them as well. ( or any format they wish ). Done. And i can make a new happy client in a very short
period of time. New network from good people investment.

Your efficient caliber professional in flexible creativity.

- German Oliver Hain ( aka Hans McKonaughey )
Singapore Top Designer

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