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Design Client Meeting = My Show (Easy)

Have you ever realized how you perform when you meet clients to close a possible good deal?

I never thought I would be this good — I humbly admit it :) in dealing with my clients. When I was younger and in school, I was very shy then to expresss my thoughts. In fact some of my friends described me as a "walking recorder" because most of the time when almost everyone loudly exchange thoughts noisily, I would always just listen. One question—one answer type of a lad. But now, I must be forever grateful to my exposures and experiences at work.

When I meet my clients now, it is always becoming my show, as my funny line goes —" I CAN NOW EAT PEOPLE   ALIVE" and I somehow love it. Maybe because I enjoy doing it, I enjoy sharing my expertise in creativity and I enjoy now more TALKING. When I meet my personal clients in Singapore for a web design project, logo design/ branding design and etc.. I project myself as one best consultant with my stuffs: web design and development, branding, logo design, print design, photography, website copy writing, some internet/ online marketing strategies and few more. My confidence on the table presenting my thoughts is exceptional (again i saythis humbly). My old colleagues and friends can construe my performance. I believe that if you are already an expert with your stuffs, you can always do a great show even your eyes are closed, and could answer any concern at any point of time and attacked from different angle.

May be you would be wondering howI do it. Aside from my confidence level now in every table of client meeting ( regardless of the client designation — Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, President of the firm and so forth to mention from a long list... ) I always use my very important strategy and this is the power of correct APPROACH and my EQ. I use the effective sence of TOUCH to give a real connection to my clients. I don't know if it is my mannerism to love to tap someones part of the body : shoulder, lap or hand... ( and few hahaah ) with my PROPS on hand like any paper/ document or whatever I am holding on my hand. Doing this stuffs/ mannerism makes our client feel comfortable and a good way to build rapport on the first meet up. Of course aside from the advice on the design: web design, print design, logo design, branding or any ideas. I always project too that I am one best professional in my field. I do openly accept their initial thoughts and I give my personal honest thoughts and feedback right away about them afterwards. I dont just nod everytime to make them happy. I want to see a happy client after some exchange of ideas from two or more minds and definitely not just because of one mind. But one thing I must admit and thankful is my advantage of being a "superman" in my field: my strengths are on CREATIVE and MARKETING – and i thank God for giving me this talent. A jack of all trade to say. Some people are good in creative but lacks a marketing skills, knowledge and guts to use EQ and effective approach . While some maybe good in talking/ marketing but lacking creativity. In other words, when I meet my clients for any web design, branding, logo, print or for any requirements on the business I show them the two experts in one body. With this, my chance of closing a deal with my design inquiry projects is high. This is how i do my show.


Your efficient caliber professional in flexible creativity.

- German Oliver Hain ( aka Hans McKonaughey )
Singapore Top Designer

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