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Original Design or Inspired Design ?

It's a pretty normal attitude for most designers or shall i say web designers to have a pride of saying to other people their so called — original concepts/ designs. But are they really a product of their brain juice, copied others or just get inspiration from other existing amazing ideas that are almost everywhere on the internet?

As a professional designer for web and print, I must say there is no wrong of looking at other people's work to get some inspiration and ideas to come up with own as good as it or rather better execution. We condemn plagiarism and stealing of other people's brilliance. Nowadays, gorgeous designs and ideas are very competent among creative people. I suggest for most design professional to just do research before executing a project. It is a fact that there more great design professionals that are far better than us or we know in executing designs for website or web design, logo design or branding, print design, other creative works and so forth. If we see some great design concepts that are already executed by others, we may use their existing one to develop something better to be call our style. Therefore we cannot say that is our ORIGINAL design or ideas, but let's admit it is just INSPIRED BY THEIRS. Claiming most of the time it is your originality is a sin. :)

Being honest to ourselves and our client — to everyone is always the best thing to do! Just to share few points on how I do my designs to my clients:

  • Firstly, I must meet them up personally to get their exact preferences on color, style, their initial thoughts in short and ask for their references.
  • With the clear initial thoughts they provided , a very clear direction along the way will make the process efficient to both sides. ( for us designers and the clients )
  • I woud research on internet with all the resources I know that may be necessary and have the attitude of putting my self on their shoes.
  • I must make myself first happy and confident with my stuffs to assure confidence to myself that will soon be passed to my clients.
  • I give few options on the first drafts to make the narrowing of best idea/s easier.
  • Surely the first drafts of initial thoughts ( i call it round 1 ) would be very efficient enough to come up with a fast confirmation and conclusion.
  • Definitely if there would be some amendments they will just be very slight and not drastic.
  • Effective communication makes any job efficient.

These are just few tips ( based on personal exepriences and what I do my company in handling design projects to the clients. It could also be a great idea to show the client great references together and explain clearly the good and bad things about that ideas — and never forget to tailor fit to what their need whether it is your initial ideas, inspired by others or our clients thoughts.

Your efficient caliber professional in flexible creativity.

- German Oliver Hain ( aka Hans McKonaughey )
Singapore Top Designer

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