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Selling your Talent Price with the Clients

How much do you sell your prfessional talent on every single project you do with your clients? Do they TAG your price or you set it for yourself?

Oftentimes, when the client meeting is soon to an end — the most important topic to discuss on the table would be the price to execute the project. People and different companies may handle this concern differently. But in the case of our company — Unusualdesigner.com we handle it pretty easy. We always tell our clients that this is our standard rate for our company, because the person/ people in-charge that will be working with them are highly professional. We are more than 10 years practicing this job. Already working on the industry and considered experts in our field — and not fresh graduates or with just few months / years of experience.. These can be construed with the level and quality of projects on the portfolio. This is the same thing with other professionals in the business from different industries. For example, in an entertainment world — singers or actress with a long proven experience are tagged with higher price. If this is the issue and if the project will not proceed — BE IT.

One thing I learned from a successful business person : As we become seasoned professionals and we know clearly the efficiency of how we work and the quality of what we can deliver, we can choose clients to work with. We don't need to cater and please everyone that are not comfortable working with us.

The ocean is vast. Another thing that will support this concern is your confidence with yourself as consultant pumping and suggesting ideas to them. It should be seen and feel. You shoud be passing the confidence with them. When I meet clients, I usually do my best show to present my self, the company and my ideas. On the spot great consultant. I never coerced them to deal with us. What I am trying to indoctrinate to them as a client is weighing smartly things on hand—the CONFIDENCE level on services and execution that they will get and benefit from. More oftenly, I ask them to still look around for other vendor to see and get the best option in the market. This is how we are confident to our professional services on web design, web programming, branding services, in print design services and few more. The price should be justifiable to what you can deliver.

So now, how much do you think your price tag is ?

Your efficient caliber professional in flexible creativity.

- German Oliver Hain ( aka Hans McKonaughey )
Singapore Top Designer

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