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SMART GOOGLE: Original and Copied Contents
are detected and matters.

Quality contents into your website really matters to the search engines. Google for example is a very smart search engine ( the most ). It can easily tell if your contents are ORIGINAL or just COPIED from somewhere else. If you were thinking that more contents into your websites will push your ranking and result and searchability — yes it is, but it will not help much. What will help you most are the quality original contents your website can give to the surfers. When the search engines like for example — the smart google sees the value of your website with tons of quality information related to your business, surely it will help, you will be surprised that organically/ naturally your result on ranking will improve, hence your website will have more traffic and will increase also its PR or popularity rate. Do your best to give more related valued information.

Google and other search engines giants ( like yahoo and msn or now called Bing ) are very smart to determine the " cheating" of some people working to optimize their web pages. Again these quality text contents are search engine food. So make them happy! Let the search engines love our websites.

How to make then quality contents to your website? If you have enough budget you can hire copywriters to do the job. But let them know some tips how to do it properly. Not all copy are good and effective to the search engines. Repeatedly use of terms and keywords related to your market or business will help. The more keywords in the original copy will escalate to fast great result. For example I am in a website design business in singapore : for all my copywriting, I would used more terms and keywords like web design singapore, web design, professional web design, and so forth..... these are just few ways to make the search engines happy with your quality contents. That's why if you will notice , websites that are information based with constant new quality information, always do well with the search engines. Hence, if you have a poorly designed website when it comes to your contents— its about time to change it to get the best result. Again think of quality and ORIGINALITY of contents to the website information and STRATEGIC repeatedly use of terms and keywords all the time. Be a creative copywriter to your website contents.

Your efficient caliber professional in flexible creativity.

- German Oliver Hain ( aka Hans McKonaughey )
Singapore Top Designer

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