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Use of Web Template Designs / Branding = NO NO !

Do you use template design/ layout with your branding (websites) — projection?

I personally don't suggest the use of TEMPLATE designs and layout to fastly execute websites for your businesses. Firstly, you will be hiring professional talents and pay them accordingly to do their jo to be done well. If you use templates —this affects your brand projection/ image. Some people may accidentally see your style / design similarity — or worse duplication sooner. And it is not a good thing.

Your image should be unique for its retention on people . People tend to remember the uniqueness and originality. ( of course because of its value too that they can benefit from). If you find a good design/ structure / layout or shall I say template that also really suits your taste— again there is no wrong of getting inspired to these amazingly designs and ideas. I suggest to just get the beautiful features and apply your own style as well together with few more ideas from other refrences and its a gurantee that you will make it even better. Personally I never liked working on a template. The main reason is—it is not so easy to work on other people codes. ( am sure that most techinical developers would agree here ).

It would be more convenient if we could start the coding/ design from the scratch , and that's what we do at Unsusualdesigner.com company. We feel and more confident to work on our own starting stage . It may look easy for more people but the complexity on the backend are oftenly unseen ( always). Secondly as last, if you are to apply your contents on the template design you may be very limited to what are on the structure and it will still change even you like it or not. We want to see what are just you needed on the site and nothing extra additional fillers that would never help make your website to serve its main purpose effectively. Again it is best to make your website EFFECTIVELY and TAILOREDLY fit to your well defined/ planned image of business. LESS is more and get rid of USELESS ELEMENTS.

In Singapore Web Design industry, most companies offer these kind of concept ( the use of web design templates) to make it fast and just anyhow finish the website. The effctively and execution are oftenly lackingly considered — poor. It is not just to finished the project. I would prefer to make the client happy because of the great tailored execution and its effectivity to serve its main purpose in the business. Your website design and logo design should project the image you wanted to — if possible with the unique character of you/ your company that will give longer retention rate.


Your efficient caliber professional in flexible creativity.

- German Oliver Hain ( aka Hans McKonaughey )
Singapore Top Designer

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